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An intact roof is like life insurance for your home

A roof has many purposes. The cladding provides protection from rain, the underlay diverts condensation away from your home and ventilation prevents humidity build-up, keeping the structures dry. The house and its inhabitants are well and happy when the roof is in good condition. Kattokeskus repairs and restores roofs with experience in over 10 000 roof restoration projects.

When is roof restoration needed?

The roof is leaking, there is no ventilation, roof repairs are postponed year after year – whether you need to restore the roof of a traditional detached house or a cottage, you should not put it off for too long.

We serve you in Finland in the following areas:
Uusimaa, Länsi-Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and North Savo.

Roof restoration is an investment in your home

Roof restoration is not just a cosmetic improvement – a good restoration is an investment in the future.

Save money

A functional roof protects your house and can reduce heating costs. Replacing your roof will increase the value of your house in the long run.

Avoid moisture damage

An intact roof protects your house from moisture damage. Timely repairs help you keep the indoor air quality good.

Improve the appearance of your house

A worn roof worsens the general appearance of your home. A new roof does justice to the entire house.

Drag the pointer to see how restoring the roof enhances the appearance.

Free roof condition survey

If you suspect the condition or age of your home’s roof, contact us! An expert from Kattokeskus will do a free condition survey of your roof. The condition survey does not oblige you to do anything. If the condition of the roof requires roof renovation, we will make a fixed-price roof renovation offer that considers your wishes and the technical requirements set by the roof to be renovated.

Steps of the most effortless roof restoration in Finland


Our roof expert will discuss your needs for a roof restoration with you. We will work together to choose durable roofing materials that suit your roof so that the restoration project is carefully planned from start to finish.

Fixed quote

We will give you a fixed quote that contains all the details we agreed on in terms of the work to be performed, the schedule and the price. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable roof solutions for each individual project.

Professional work

Our skilled installers build new roofs and restore old ones according to the agreement. A restoration project takes five days on average. Roof restorations are best left to professionals.


In addition to professional installation, we consider it a top priority to leave our sites clean at the end of each project. We recycle waste appropriately.


You can continue sleeping well at night even after your roofing project, because we offer a 5-year warranty on the installation. The manufacturer provides a 30–50-year warranty on the roofing material, depending on the selected material.

Has your tin or tile roof come to the end of its road?

Both tin and tile roofs need to be restored at some point. We carry out roof restorations using the Finnish Ruukki and Ormax roof materials, which are known for their durability.

Full-service tile roof restoration

Kattokeskus is the leading tile roofing company in Finland. Compared to other materials, the long-lasting and traditionally elegant tile is a quieter, more ecological option.

The most popular tile roofs in Finland are made from durable Ormax roof tiles, manufactured in the village of Pennala in Orimattila. For underlay, we recommend the breathable Divoroll underlay by BMI Ormax, which creates a roof structure with good airflow.

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Why choose the BMI Ormax tile roof?

  • The BMI Ormax tile roof is quick to install and easy to maintain

  • The long-lasting roofing will last up to 70 years with proper maintenance

  • The tile roof is quiet in the rain and does not rattle in the wind

  • Withstands Finnish conditions – storms, sub-zero temperatures and scorching heat

  • Increases the value of the building

  • BMI Ormax concrete roof tiles are manufactured in Finland, in the village of Pennala in Orimattila

Ormax Protector

Ormax Protector+

Ormax Protector combines beautiful aesthetics with a long lifespan. The unique Protector coating gives the solid-coloured tile a beautiful exterior that effectively repels dirt and vegetation. The coating also provides protection from UV radiation, which prevents the colour from fading over time. The Finnish Ormax Protector concrete roof tile gives your roof a high-quality, harmonious look.

Ormax Evo

Ormax EVO

The sophisticated new slab roof tile Ormax EVO has been designed in Finland for extreme climate conditions. It represents the latest roof tile technology and is manufactured in Orimattila, in one of the most modern roof tile factories in Europe. EVO is the tile of choice for pioneers in construction!
View video. Steps to tile roof restoration.

Steps to
tile roof restoration

Full-service tin roof restoration

A tin roof is a safe and cost-effective choice. Tin is a suitable roofing material for just about any building.

At Kattokeskus, the traditions of a family business are combined with modern working methods, cherishing high quality and making the best use of innovations in the trade. We only use Finnish profiled sheets by Ruukki, which actively protect your roof and property. A tin roof restoration project requires minimal effort from our customers – we provide a full-service restoration solution.

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Why choose the Ruukki tin roof?

  • Ruukki roofs have been manufactured in Finland for more than 60 years. The roofing materials of Ruukki are of the highest quality, durable, reliable and CE-certified
  • High-quality tin roofs are climate-friendly due to their long life, low maintenance requirements and recyclability. Tin roofs are up to 100 % recyclable
  • The technical warranty period is 50 years
  • Steel is a long-lasting and reliable roof material that can withstand the stresses of weather for decades
  • Steel is an extremely strong material and a good protector for your home. The Ruukki tin roof and the matching accessories work on all types of houses
Ruukki Classic

Ruukki Classic

If you are looking for a timelessly elegant roof, choose Classic. The design is true to its name and holds a special place in the hearts of Finns.

The clean, straight lines of the Classic design radiate composed dignity. Thanks to its sophisticated assembly technique, the roof is quick and easy to install.

Ruukki T20

Ruukki T20

T20 has a symmetrical design with elegant straight lines and is suitable for a variety of applications. The uniform gradation of the T20 roofing makes it easy to install and creates an impressive look.

Steps to
tin roof restoration

Pay for your roof restoration easily in instalments

Roof restoration is a major investment, and carrying out a restoration project is a significant financial undertaking for most of us. For this reason, we want to offer flexible, safe Roof Financing for our roof restoration projects.

Roof Financing is an easy, sensible choice

Roof Financing works similarly to a regular invoice. You can pay for your roof restoration by paying off the entire balance of the first invoice at no extra cost or you can spread the cost of your investment over a longer time period. With every monthly instalment, you can choose whether you will only pay the minimum amount agreed with the bank or an amount that falls between the minimum and the outstanding balance.


Roof Financing does not require any security or guarantees, and repayment can be adjusted flexibly.


You do not need a new credit card for the financing – Roof Financing is a card-free financing product.

Equal instalments

We will invoice you for your roof in equal monthly instalments. If you want, you can also pay off the remaining balance at no extra cost.

Ask for more information about Roof Financing from your vendor!

Contact your vendor by phone by calling +358 10 2290 190 or use the form below.

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Roof maintenance extends your roof’s lifespan

Expert, regular roof maintenance ensures that your roof will last for decades. It is a smart choice financially as well, because it allows you to avoid major damage and higher costs.

Roof maintenance prevents damage and extra costs

Even a quality roof requires proper care. In Finnish conditions, roof inspection and maintenance should be performed once or twice a year, and you can do this yourself, if you want. About once every five years, you should hire professionals to perform more extensive roof maintenance, which not only good for your roof, but also for your wallet and your peace of mind.

The roof maintenance service provided by Kattokeskus ensures that the appearance, condition and durability of your roof are what they should be. With experience in thousands of roofs, we know their critical parts that require maintenance and can detect even the smallest problems on time. You can ask us to carry out maintenance on all types of roofs, but we also perform repairs on tile and profiled sheet roofs.

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More than 25 years on Finnish roofs

Skilled in-house installers

All our installers work to the highest standards. They work directly for us. Modern equipment speeds up roof restorations and improves occupational safety. We have completed more than 10 000 roof restoration projects.

High-quality, beautiful roof

We build durable roofs that are comfortable to live under in ever-changing weather conditions. We only use high-quality, Finnish roofing materials. These roofs will continue to be admired by the next generation for years to come.

Sustainable and Finnish

We are a family business and we rely on Finnish craftsmanship. We are responsible for preserving the environment for future generations, which is why we work continuously to make our operations more environmentally friendly.

Family business

Kattokeskus is a family business established in 1997. Over the years, it has grown into a team that employs more than 200 people operating in seven locations. The roots of Kattokeskus go back to the traditional Finnish crafts of carpentry and tinsmithing, which today are combined with modern working methods, cherishing high quality and making the best use of new innovations in the trade to benefit customers.

Our contact information

We operate in the regions of Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Central Finland and North Savo. We have offices in Pirkkala, Nurmijärvi, Kirkkonummi, Turku, Jyväskylä and Kuopio.

Contact us by phone by calling +358 10 2290 190 or use the form below.